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Elena Vássina

A Russian researcher, graduated from the College of Arts of Moscow State University Lomonosov (MGU), PhD by the State Institute of Art Research (Russia), author of several essays and books dedicated to the analysis of the problems of the 20th century theater language, the poetics of modern drama and the history of Russian theater. Organizer, author and translator of “The Typology of Symbolism in Russian and Western Cultures” (2005), “The Living Corpse” by L. Tolstoy (2007), “Liev Tolstoy: The Last Days” (2011), “Russian Theater : literature and spectacle “(2011),” Stanislávski: Life, work and System “(2016),” Eugênio Oniéguin “, by A. Pukkin (2019), among others. In 2016, she was a finalist for the Jabuti prize and the Aplauso Brasil award. Idealizer and curator of several international cultural exchange projects: “Brazilian Theater Station in Russia” (2005), “Russian Theater Station in Brazil” (2006), “Tchékhov Space 2010” (2010), “The heritage of Stanislavsky and the contemporary theater in Brazil and in Latin America “(2013). Invited teacher of the postgraduate course in Creation and theatrical direction of the University of Valle (Colombia). She currently works as a teacher of graduate and postgraduate courses at USP, participating in the research projects of the Post-Graduation Program in Russian Literature and Culture and directing master and doctoral students.