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Sérgio Mamberti

Actor, director and cultural producer. Born in Santos, he graduated from the School of Drmatic Arts of São Paulo in 1962. With more than 60 years of career, he participated in some of the most significant and controversial moments in the Brazilian cultural scene. With more than 80 theatrical shows, almost 50 feature films and approximately 30 soap operas, it remains in the memory of all young people and adults as the eternal Doctor Victor of the nationally and internationally awarded series CASTELO RA-TIM-BUM, aired for 22 years on TV Cultura. In addition to a versatile artist, he was strongly linked to the political universe of the country, having held various positions in the Ministry of Culture in the Lula and Dilma governments for 12 years. Currently Sérgio Mamberti participated in the Netflix series “3%”, in the soap opera Sol Nascente of TV Globo and he’s still in theaters for two and a half years, with the play Visiting Mr. Green traveling around the country.