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Serguey Zemtsov en

Serguey Zemtsov

Professor of Theater Interpretation at Eugene O’Neill Memorial Theater Center (USA), University of Detroit (USA) and Harvard University (USA) and Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting of Royal Dramatic Theater (Stockholm, Sweden). Graduated by the Moscow Art Theater School (TAM), he has extensive pedagogical experience – national and international – in teaching Stanislavsky’s system. He has worked as a teacher at “Théâtre-École du Passage” in Paris (France), international internship of actors in Pisa (Italy), lecturer in the international “European School of Dramatic Art” program in San Miniato (Italy) and ministered theater interpretation workshops of the Central School of Speech and Drama in London (Great Britain). In addition to being one of Stanislavsky’s most recognized pedagogues, Serguey Zemtsov is an award-winning actor and theater director: he has staged a number of shows both on the professional stage and with his students at the drama schools in Russia, France, and the United States.